Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sanguinarian on Kickstarter - Help Us Reach Our Goal! Get Prizes!

Wanna Help get The Sanguinarian Feature Vampire Film Seen? Do you wanna see it? Pledge funding via Kickstarter so we can submit and attend film festivals. If you have nothing to spare help spread the word, repost, share, tell your friends! Even the smallest pledge will help get this on the Big Screen in a city near you!

We've got tons of rewards to offer our backers, including some of the gorgeous props and costumes you can see in the film!

“The Sanguinarian”, an independent feature film, is a character study of Christoph, a suicidal vampire. Ambitious. Austere. Hypnotic. Writhing under the weight of a depression that would wrench the very bones of any other.

His journey through the blood law and sexual congress of his surreal world is a sensual ride, filled with stunning visual beauty, haunting music, and powerful lines. Is he destined to be the architect of his own destruction?

We have a completed film, with a dedicated fan base. It has the potential to become the kind of well-known cult classic that film professional and lay public alike re-watch and refer to. We need help getting it out there. Getting it in to festivals. Getting it shown. Yes film festivals are expensive to enter and all funds raised will go directly to help this film get seen!

Let the Blood Flow!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sanguinarian Film Review

A wonderful Sanguinarian film review from the "Taliesin meets the Vampires" in the UK

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Sanguinarian Feature Film June 5th special screening - Raffle Items!

Check out all the incredible items we'll have up for raffle the evening of the special screening at the historic Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise, ID Saturday June 5th!

Lip Service Basket
A basket full of new Lip Service items, including a Lip Service corset

Blood Lust Basket
A basket stuffed full of items to quench any vamps blood lust. The name kind of speaks for itself here.

Two signed copies of Goth Craft by occult author Raven Digitalis
The books will be raffled off separately, if you want one of these you'll have two chances to win one per ticket! More information about Raven Digitals can be found at the following links:!/ravendigitalisauthor?ref=search&sid=s8ufR6pkD8z_-8ZjJCAKgQ.2469614510..1

Two signed copies of the out of print novel Left to the Night Alone by acclaimed horror author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc!

Again, if you want one of these you'll have two chances to win per ticket! More information about Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc can be found at the following links:!/advanscoyoc?ref=ts

Gift certificate to PF Changs China Bistro!/pfchangs?v=wall

Bar tab at Neurolux

Neurolux is located at 111 N. 11th St Boise, ID, 83702. Hours of operation are 12:00 noon - 2:00 A.M. 7 days a week.!/pages/Boise-ID/Neurolux/69539295651?v=wall&ref=ts&ajaxpipe=1&__a=5

Ornamental dagger courtesy of Something Wicked

Local favorites Something Wicked has generously donated a beautiful dagger for us to raffle off to one lucky winner!

Tickets for the raffle will be available the evening of June 5th in the lobby of the Egyptian Theatre before the film. Ticket prices are as follows: $2.00 each, three tickets for $5.00 or ten tickets for $15.00. Each tickets gives you NINE chances to win one of the wonderful prizes listed here. But wait...there's more! We are still collecting items to be raffled off, we'll keep you posted on new items to be raffled as they are added!

And don't forget, the Costume Shop in Boise has also donated a $100 gift certificate to the lucky winner of the vampire costume contest! They also carry a large selection of fangs for you to choose from, and are offering a 20% discount on costume rentals for the night of the film. Just tell em' The Sanguinarian sent you.!/thecostumeshop?ref=ts

See you at the red carpet screening on June 5th, and "Let the Blood Flow"! ^0^

RSVP for the event here:!/event.php?eid=120148004678233&ref=mf

The Sanguinarian Feature Film June 5th Red Carpet Event - Vendor Announcement

Before the film on June 5th at the historic Egyptian Theatre we'll have several vendors located in the lobby for your shopping pleasure. Take a look at the incredible array of art, music and themed merchandise that will be on site.

Morbidly Adorable Creations: The Art of Misty Benson
From Gossamerfaery’s Attic, Misty paints and sculpts dreamy big-eyed faeries and delightful Day of the Dead skeletons. Her dark and delicious little minions have made their way into homes around the world. They have been featured in paintings, prints, one of a kind sculptures, magnets, stickers, and cards causing sweet mischief wherever they go. Both the faeries and skellies have also found themselves published in the books ”500 Fairy Motifs”, "Big Eye Art: Resurrected and Transformed", and her solo book "The Morbidly Adorable Skelly"!!!/mistybensonart?ref=search&sid=1J9xTWOV9pGUPLUkK2dEcA.4226623283..1

PH Factor Emporium - Steam Punk Goggles
From Tacoma, WA, PH Factor strives to supply you with the highest quality exploration goggles and other necessary equipment for dangerous adventuring and day-to-day activities alike.

SINister Records
Founded in 2002, SINister Records is an underground indie label assisting independent bands with the production and distribution of their music. They'll much of the music from The Sanguinarian soundtrack available for purchase, as well as all sorts of other musical and merchandise goodies for you to choose from.!/pages/SINister-Records/221488377581?ref=ts

Something Wicked - Swords, Daggers, Knives
Local favorites Elton and Cheryl, owners of Something Wicked will be on hand with a wonderful assortment of ornamental swords, daggers and knives, as well as other dark trinkets and baubles.

The Jewelry of Diane Partin-Mccoy
Local jewelry designer Diane Partin-Mccoy will be vending her handmade jewelry creations. Some of the tempting items you'll find at her booth: skull jewelry, leather cuffs, guaged water buffalo horn ear wear, and rings.

We'll also have some super fancy embroidered Sanguinarian Tee's and Tanks available for sale the evening of the event.

See you on June 5th, and "Let the Blood Flow"! ^0^

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Sanguinarian Feature Vampire Film Special Screening RED CARPET Event

Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 7:00pm
Egyptian Theatre 
700 West Main Street
Boise Id 83702 

Doors Open at 7pm with Red Carpet Style Photo Op
First 50 guests through the door receive Sanguinarian swag bags. In addition to the themed vendors and artists, band merchandise, bite booth, vampire raffle, vampire bar (with ID), there will be a vampire costume contest with prizes including $100 Costume Shop Gift Certificate.

Film Starts 8:15 (Running Time 103 Minutes)
Fallowed by Q &A with the Filmmakers, and Lead Cast, as well as a live musical performance by very special guest Anguisette
featuring Electronika and Cylab performing the soundtrack from the film.

All funds raised during this event will benefit The Sanguinarian and help the film go to national and international film festivals.

Because this is a fundraiser no tickets will be comped to cast and crew of the film.

This film has adult content please consider it R rated.

Tickets are $10 or $8 for costumed guests at the door.

Presale Tickets available May 5th at following sponsored locations:

Office Bar & Grill
DocShotz Approved
6125 West Fairview Avenue, Boise, ID 83704-7768
(208) 377-2800

The Costume Shop
3777 W Chinden Blvd.
Boise, ID 83714
(208) 343-9399

Discreet Secrets
1509 South 5 Mile Road,
Boise, ID 83709-1374
(208) 327-0897

Main Tickets go on Sale May 5th
@ the Egyptian Theatre Box Office or via

More detailed info about the film and event can be found at

Event Sponsored By
Office Bar and Grill "DocShotz Approved", Sinister Records, Idaho Live, The Costume Shop Boise, Gorey Details, Pimpernel Clothing, Vampire Wear, Radio Black Light, Committed Events, Stein Distributing

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Raffle and swag, raffle and swag!

Calling all vampy businesses and crafty bloodsuckers! We are still accepting donated items for our raffle and swag bags for the red carpet premiere on June 5th! If you'd like to donate an item or items and get some awesome promotion out of it for your business from us, get ahold of Jen and she'll hook you up! If you'd like to help us just spread the word, please re-post this and thanks so much in advance! ^0^

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Film Merch!


Hey hey fellow vamps and Sanguinarian fans! Want a new way to show your support for the film, and look bad ass doing it? We set up a little merch store just for you! Go check it, and let the blood flow! 

Film Sponsorship and Swag


Last call to take advantage of our fabulous sponsorship packages before the red carpet premiere on Saturday, June 5th at the historic Egyptian Theater! Go take a look at the options we have available, and don't be afraid to contact us for a custom sponsorship package that might better fit your budget or needs. Also, we're still taking swag donations to put in our swag bags we'll be giving out at the premiere, if your a crafter or have a business that fits the theme of the film, get a hold of Jen to arrange some free advertising that way. 

“THE SANGUINARIAN” In this sensual, surreal world, the language of the vampires is pseudo-Shakespearean in turn poetically wrestles with philosophical and ethical questions.

Blood. Crimson hue as over-familiar as dusk’s rising dew. And you, among the living, taken as single heart beats, enduring its coursing common surge with quiet dignity of stoic mean. And what of those, no longer fettered with the oppressive chains of mortality, who yet walk this earth? What of those, dead, who live among us?

How much can the soul stand, when one’s footsteps have themselves designed the path to Hell? What of the seduction of shadows, what of solitary destiny of so afflicted? Can one, beset by paranoia and self- inflicted pathos, escape a fundamental nature

And what of time, no longer bound by the constraints of mortality?

And what of the human mind, broad decades and gaunt centuries past its natural termination? What great tragedy plays out for those whose unnatural longings have left them standing on the shore, fingering their unused tickets to the Stygian ferry? What battle rages on that infernal beach, twixt aggressor and hostile force of will, leaving the sand soaked in innocent’s blood?

And what of the soul?

Enter Christoph, drifting through a surreal world. Frequenting an underground blood bar, where dance the damned denizens of the eternal night. They are a blood-drenched, vibrant lot, attempting, by turns, to reason, tempt and taunt Christoph into the underworld that he is fundamentally a part of. Can he escape who he is? Can he ever scrub the blood from his hands?