Thursday, April 29, 2010

Raffle and swag, raffle and swag!

Calling all vampy businesses and crafty bloodsuckers! We are still accepting donated items for our raffle and swag bags for the red carpet premiere on June 5th! If you'd like to donate an item or items and get some awesome promotion out of it for your business from us, get ahold of Jen and she'll hook you up! If you'd like to help us just spread the word, please re-post this and thanks so much in advance! ^0^

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Film Merch!


Hey hey fellow vamps and Sanguinarian fans! Want a new way to show your support for the film, and look bad ass doing it? We set up a little merch store just for you! Go check it, and let the blood flow! 

Film Sponsorship and Swag


Last call to take advantage of our fabulous sponsorship packages before the red carpet premiere on Saturday, June 5th at the historic Egyptian Theater! Go take a look at the options we have available, and don't be afraid to contact us for a custom sponsorship package that might better fit your budget or needs. Also, we're still taking swag donations to put in our swag bags we'll be giving out at the premiere, if your a crafter or have a business that fits the theme of the film, get a hold of Jen to arrange some free advertising that way. 

“THE SANGUINARIAN” In this sensual, surreal world, the language of the vampires is pseudo-Shakespearean in turn poetically wrestles with philosophical and ethical questions.

Blood. Crimson hue as over-familiar as dusk’s rising dew. And you, among the living, taken as single heart beats, enduring its coursing common surge with quiet dignity of stoic mean. And what of those, no longer fettered with the oppressive chains of mortality, who yet walk this earth? What of those, dead, who live among us?

How much can the soul stand, when one’s footsteps have themselves designed the path to Hell? What of the seduction of shadows, what of solitary destiny of so afflicted? Can one, beset by paranoia and self- inflicted pathos, escape a fundamental nature

And what of time, no longer bound by the constraints of mortality?

And what of the human mind, broad decades and gaunt centuries past its natural termination? What great tragedy plays out for those whose unnatural longings have left them standing on the shore, fingering their unused tickets to the Stygian ferry? What battle rages on that infernal beach, twixt aggressor and hostile force of will, leaving the sand soaked in innocent’s blood?

And what of the soul?

Enter Christoph, drifting through a surreal world. Frequenting an underground blood bar, where dance the damned denizens of the eternal night. They are a blood-drenched, vibrant lot, attempting, by turns, to reason, tempt and taunt Christoph into the underworld that he is fundamentally a part of. Can he escape who he is? Can he ever scrub the blood from his hands?